About Us

Satai Hair Company: Selling The Best Of Human Hair

More than 200 years ago, someone in a village in Henan started to gather and tidy hairs, and then sold to Africa. Gradually, every family there started to do the business to gather and tidy hair.

In 2008, Lilei Chen who worked in a big hair factory came to United States by chance. The vast and original American Blacks were full of life. Everything there was fascinated. In the next three years, Lilei Chen went to many places. Honesty and goodness of American Blacks deeply touched him and meanwhile during the communication with American friends, Lilei Chen felt that American Black young women longed for long hairs. Lilei Chen decided to help them realize their dreams.

After back to Xuchang, his hometown, he started to learn how to make hair products, went to India, Brazil, etc. to inspect raw material market and began to research and develop hair products.

In the winter of 2010, on a business trip to France, Lilei Chen met an Black woman on the plane, they had a happy conversation. But when Lilei Chen mentioned his hair products, the madam couldn’t help sighing in despair, because she had very bad experiences to buy hair for some time. Those hair looked very beautiful at first. But after using for some time, there would be many problems, such as tangling, shedding, etc. And they could not be well colored. She had to throw them away and buy a new one which cost a lot of money.

On the way back, the madam’s experiences made Lilei Chen deeply realized that demands of consumers to the hair was not limited to appearance molding. They paid more attentions to quality, asking the hair not only had long service life but also could be easily colored and taken care of. This personal experience made Lilei Chen still further determined to produce a kind of hair that could be repeatedly and long-term used.

After several years development, Lilei Chen founded SATAI hair brand in 2013 in China, which only adopts high quality and healthy virgin human hair as raw material. These hairs cannot only be healthily and long-term used, but also help every woman pursuing beautiful hairs to realize dreams and become bright and beautiful every day.